InNews Magazine is a monthly online textbook that focuses on teaching conversation strategies and skills, whilst learning about the most current and global news stories. As a learning aid, InNews features YouTube videos, online smartphone vocabulary games and learner collaborative internet research based homework.

The magazine aims to create a wholly student centered communicative learning environment which focuses on ‘what’ the students are trying to say rather than the ‘how’. The magazine is available online and it can be accessed by teachers or students on a smartphone, tablet or PC. Printable PDF copies can be downloaded from the website for classroom use if required.

In the classroom, the InNews lesson staging can be easily followed or adapted according to student ability levels - only a projector/screen and a PC is needed to use the online textbook and lessons.

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Our magazine range

The InEnglish program is all about the fundamentals of English communication and conversation. Throughout the year we focus on a range of ‘Conversation Strategies’ and how to use them around a variety of current global news stories.  

InNews Magazine helps the students to become more globally aware by encouraging the learners to discuss, think and share ideas about the world, its people and its cultures.  


High School/University Level 1

Every month InNews features a different ‘Conversation Strategy’ - from how to join a conversation and express an opinion, through to supporting your ideas and offering reasons. These basic communicative skills enable the students to gain confidence to take part in longer, extended conversations.


High School/University Level 2 and above

Building upon and continuing from the 1st year, the InSteps program further expands upon the ‘Conversation Strategies’ the students have already studied and have put into practice. The class refocuses on ‘Discussion Strategies’ on variety of current and topical global issues - delivered in a meaningful context. By the end of the course we expect students to better able to not only use English in collaboration and task preparation - but also in face to face conversation and extended discussions. The courses and online magazine offer students a unique opportunity to think critically and to become more internationally aware of current global issues. Such skills, we hope, will ready learners for further academic challenges ahead at university and also beyond in the workplace.

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Here you can access the past issues of the InNews Magazine. From March 2016 you can also access InSteps, our advanced level magazine. These issues are password protected so to access them please email us at


Here you can download the ‘Conversation Strategies’ for the InEnglish program and the ‘Discussion Strategies’ for the InSteps course. All past issues of InNews Magazine are available for download and use. From April 2016 – InNews Magazine is password protected.


Click on the links below to download our magazine PDF's from 2017.


Click on the links below to download our magazine PDF's from 2016.

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