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            Let’s watch the animation and see how we use this strategy. Play it as many times as you like to fully
            understand and also ask your teacher for help.

        Juniors                                Touch here to view the video!


            Here are the phrases below, try to ask some follow up questions too! Remember we always use Openers
            and at the end, Closers.

                Openers                      Reply                                            Closers

                     Hi!                    I’m great!                                     I have to go…
                 Morning!                    I’m fine!                                         Seeya!
                Afternoon!                   I’m OK…                Follow up               Seeya later!

               How are you?             I’m not too bad…            Questions             Have a nice day!
               What’s new?              I’m not so good…                                Nice talking to you!

               Follow up Questions

                How about you?                Can you (play the guitar)?       What’s your favorite movie?
                How was your weekend? What is your hobby?                      Where do you (live)?
                Do you like (shopping)?       Are you in a club?

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