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May 18                                                                                                    Japan

       Gwydion M Williams - 2010_05_200437 (t1.25) - McDonalds Hamburgers                                         Steps

     Do you like McDonalds? How about the clothes fashion chain Uniqlo? Well
     if the answer is yes to both, then this recent news story might be of interest
     to you!

     Both companies have come up with a unique marketing gimmick – buy a burger dis-
     count t-shirt! The campaign which runs from April 23rd to June 5th offers wearers of
     a specially designed Uniqlo t-shirt a 100 yen discount every time they want to buy a
     Big Mac meal.

     The campaign is simple and so are the mathematics and the business side of things. In
     order to receive the discounted meal, you will have to purchase and spend 1500 yen
     on a t-shirt. With a saving of a 100 yen each time, you will have to go to the fast food
     chain at least 15 times! In total you will part with 8,850 to buy burgers! – but you will
     at least have a free t-shirt at the end of the day!

     Let’s talk about advertisements today! What do you think about this campaign? Will
     it be effective?!


    After reading the article write an appropriate headline above it.                                             5
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