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Oct 17                                                                                                    Nature

       NOAA Satellites - GOES-16 Sees Hurricanes Katia, Irma and José                                             English

     The Caribbean islands and the south coastal areas of the US have endured
     a terrifying hurricane season with the three consecutive hurricanes, Harvey,
     Irma and Maria tearing through the regions and causing billions of dollars

     of damage.

     Harvey battered Texas, leaving thousands of families stranded in flooded
     neighbourhoods, unbelievably an estimated 80 trillion liters of water fell
     during that storm. Irma maintained winds of 290mph and destroyed and
     vast expanses of land in Florida. Hurricane Maria directly hit Puerto Rico
     and left the whole island without clean drinking water and electricity for


     Many people say that these violent and huge storms are a result of the
     warming of the world’s oceans and atmosphere and want their
     governments to do more to not only combat climate change but protect
     themselves from future hurricane seasons.


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