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Nature  Oct 17 Your English

           Looking back on what you have studied, discuss the following items.

                  Discussion Strategies

           Connecting and Building on Ideas - listen carefully to your partner and group - build up
           the opinions and comments. You can agree and disagree too and add more ideas. Thinking
           about Different Views - everyone has a different view and opinion – try to consider this.

                     Ask to build (AB)                   Build on the opinions (BO)

              What do you think of my idea?                     As you said…
                                                              You mentioned…

              Ask for a Different View (ADV)            Give a Different View (GDV)

               How about from (…) point of                From (…) point of view…


       Steps  With your partner brainstorm ways that we can help protect and help people against future

           hurricanes. Then exchange these ideas with another group.

                                                                                                 For example
                                                                                            Do something to stop
                                                                                              global warming...

                                                     Ways to help


           Talk about the following topics for 8 minutes per group. Make sure you use all the phrases
           above to connect and build on your ideas. Don’t forget to think about different views too.

           1. How does global warming affect hurricanes?
           2. Should governments prepare more for the hurricane season? For example?
           3. Have you ever experienced a strong hurricane or typhoon?

      8    4. How can people recover from the three recent hurricanes?
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