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Nov 17                                                                                                    T ravel

       Marc Veraart - Lanzarote

     We are already in November and the year is drawing to a close. Many people at this
     time of year are hard at work or at school, finishing off their jobs or taking exams
     before the end of year holidays start. But how about taking an exotic winter holiday
     instead? The Independent newspaper has revealed a top 25 holiday destination list for                        Steps
     winter sun. Where would you like to go?

     Lanzarote, Spain
     Once named ‘Lanza-grotty’ by British holiday makers in the 1980s, the Canary Island
     had cleaned up its act and now boasts luxury villas and is home to the magnificent
     volcanic national park, Timanfaya. If you are looking for some luxury, sitting by the
     pool in the sun, then this could be for you.

     Costa Rica

     After the hurricane season this year, Costa Rica could do with some help from tourism
     and holiday makers who visit will not be disappointed with the beautiful soft sandy
     beaches and warm waters of both the Pacific and Caribbean.

     Cuba certainly has a distinctive culture and there are many sightseeing spots around
     the capital, Havana. It would be like a step back in time - beautiful old American
     classic cars from the 1950s are still used and driven around by Cubans. The colonial
     architecture too gives a sense of how life used to be over a hundred years ago.


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