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Nov 17
       T ravel      Your English

           Looking back on what you have studied, discuss the following items.

                  Discussion Strategies

           Paraphrasing & Understanding. Make sure that everything is clear and easy to follow – repeat
           in different words what your partner said to confirm and make the comment clearer.

                Paraphrase Comment (PC)                        Paraphrase (P)

                     Do you mean (...)?                            I mean...
                    Are you saying (...)?                   Yes/No, I am saying..


           With your partner write down some interesting places to visit in the winter and then add
           activity you could do there. Then exchange these ideas with another group.

                                  Place                                               Activity

       Steps                      Cuba                                        Sightseeing in Havana


           Talk about the following topics for 8 minutes per group. Then change partners and try
           again with a new group. Make sure you paraphase comment and don’t forget to use
           paraphrase to explain your thoughts to your partner(s).

           1. Should people take a holiday abroad in the winter?
           2. Which is better, a winter holiday with friends or with your family?
           3. Where is the best place to visit abroad in the winter?

      8    4. Where is the best place to visit in Japan in the winter?
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