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Your Foreign Travel

            Read the sentences and say your own Reactions and Agree or Disagree with the speaker – ask your own
            original Follow up Question too. Practice with your partners and use your imagination when you answer!

                                                                                             I agree with you!
               Travelling somewhere
                     hot is best!                                                                (AGREE)
                                                                                             Where is good?

                                                                                         (FOLLOW UP QUESTION)

                         I love travelling, it is fun!           I don’t like international travel, I like my room.

                         I like adventure holidays!                  We should travel to Russia together!
               I want to relax on the beach and read a book.  Our teacher should pay for us to go to Disneyworld!
                    Europe is nice, I want to go to Italy.                       Your choice!


       Juniors  Play this board game with your friends. You can flip a coin or roll a dice. Speak for 10 seconds on the

             topic. Say if you Agree or Disagree and ask Follow up Questions!

                   Lazy         Active        Japan        Foreign      Travelling    Travelling
                 holidays      holidays       food is      food is       in Japan     abroad is     <<GO
                 are better    are great      better!     delicious     is better!      great!

                America is

                  Korea’s      Australia    Shopping      The most     Sightseeing    The best      The best
                good point     is fun for   in London      popular       in China       beach          city
                is the food     diving!     is boring!     club is…    is amazing!   holiday is...  holiday is...

                                                                                                    The best
                                                                                                   holiday is...

                                             Foreign        Next         The best     The best      The best
                 FINISH         If I was     holidays     summer I        winter     holiday for   holiday for
                                 rich…         are        want to...    holiday is    food is...    food is...
     10                                     expensive
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