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How was New Year?

        Introduction Week


          Photos                                                                     ?           ?

     1. What can you see in the picture above? Make a list and share with your partner!          ?
     2. Let’s review our homework!


      Openers and Closers – Start your conversation naturally by using these phrases. Also when you are
      finished make sure you use the closer phrases too. Reactions and Follow up Questions – Review these
      conversation strategies too.

                          Openers                                            Closers

                  Hi! Morning! Afternoon!                                   Seeya later!
                        How are you?                                    I have to go, bye!
                         What’s new?                                It was nice talking to you!

                         Reactions                                   Follow up Questions
                   Really?! Wow! Me too!                             How much? How many?
               That’s interesting! That’s great!                         How about you?
                  That’s too bad… No way!                      What…? When…? Where…? Who…?                        3
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