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           Take turns and practice the dialogue below, change roles. Change partners and practice until it is perfect!
           The words in bold are Openers, Closers, Reactions and Follow up Questions.

              1. Hi! How are you?                                               1. I’m great thanks! I had a
                 What’s new?!                                                       fantastic New Year!

              2. Cool! Did you go to a                                          2. No, but I watched the
                  temple?!                                                          sunrise!

              3. Wow! What time did                                             3. About 5AM! What did
                  you wake up?                                                      you do?

              4. I watched Kohaku and                                           4. Nice! Who did you see?
                  ate a lot!
                                                                                5. Great, it was nice talking
              5. Nogizaka 46! I love them!                                          to you!

              6. OK! I have to go, bye!                                         6. Seeya later!

            Create your own conversation – You can use some of the words and extra ideas below.

                Visited (…)
                                                Played (…)
                Studied (…)                     Travelled abroad                Watched some movies
                                                                                Met family
                Relaxed at home                 Ate (…)

                Your Christmas & New Year

           Read the sentences and write your Reactions and Follow up Questions in your notebook. Try to use many
           different phrases. Then practice with your partners. Use your imagination when you answer!

                I ate too much over                                                            (REACTION)
                  the New Year!                                                              What was the
                                                                                             most delicious?

                                                                                         (FOLLOW UP QUESTION)

                      Xmas was fun, I had a party                   On New Year’s day I went to a temple

                      I saw Santa!                                  I watched TV a lot
                      I gave someone a present                      I went on a trip with my family
                      I got an interesting present                  Your choice
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