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       Take turns and practice the dialogue below, change roles. Change partners and practice until it is perfect!
       The words in bold are Reactions and Follow up Questions.

         1. Hi! How are you?                                                1. Hi! I’m great, and you?

         2. I’m fine. Did you travel                                        2. Yes! I went to Nagano with
             somewhere this winter?                                             my family.

         3. Wow, cool! What did you do                                      3. We went skiing and did
             there?                                                             some hiking!

         4. Nice! Was there a lot of                                        4. Yes, it was very cold but
             snow?                                                              sunny!

         5. Sounds fun! How long did                                        5. About a week. How about
             you stay?                                                          you?

         6. I stayed home and studied…                                      6. Oh no, that’s too bad!

       Create your own conversation – You can use some of the words and extra ideas below.

           Visited (…)                     Travelled abroad                Watched some movies
           Studied (…)                     Played (…)                      Met family
           Relaxed at home                 Ate (…)

            Your Japan Travels

       Read the sentences and say your own Reactions and ask your original Follow up Questions. Try to use
       many different phrases. Practice with your partners and use your imagination when you answer!

                                                                                         Sounds great!
             I went to Kyoto                                                              (REACTION)
                and Nara!
                                                                                    What did you do there?
                                                                                    (FOLLOW UP QUESTION)

                 Tokyo is great place to visit!                 Shikoku is an interesting island

                 Hokkaido has the best food!                    I am going to Disneyland after this class!
                 I want to go to Okinawa!                       Kunitachi is the most interesting city in Tokyo!
                 I will visit Kyushu next week!                 Your choice!...
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