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Foreign Travel

        Week 2

       Agree and Disagree – When we have the same idea or opinion as the speaker we use these phrases to
       Agree with them - show support and Agree! But, if you have different idea then speak up and use the
       phrases to Disagree!
       Reactions and Follow up Questions – Say reactions and show interest or surprise! Make sure you keep the
       conversation going and ask some simple follow up questions too!

                            Agree                                            Disagree

                       I agree with you!                                     I disagree!
                       Me too, I agree!                            (I’m sorry) I disagree with you

                         Reactions                                   Follow up Questions

                       Really?! No way!                                 How many? much?
                   Wow! That’s interesting!                               How about you?
                     That’s great! Me too!                                    What…?
                       That’s too bad…                                        When…?


      Take turns and practice the dialogue below, change roles. Change partners and practice until it is perfect!   Juniors
      The words in bold are Reactions and Agree/Disagree.

         1. Hi! What’s new?                                                 1. Hello! I am fine, I have just
                                                                                returned from the U.S!
         2. Wow! How was it?
                                                                            2. It was great! America has
         3. I see, I agree…What did you                                         many sightseeing spots.
                                                                            3. I saw the Empire State
         4. Really? I disagree, I like new,                                     Building, it’s amazing!
             cool buildings. Tokyo has
             many!                                                          4. Oh OK! Also I ate hot dogs,
                                                                                they are the best!
         5. No way I disagree! They are
             too unhealthy!                                                 5. OK… well, also I went to
                                                                                Disneyland in Florida, that
         6. Ah OK I agree, Disney in                                            was fantastic!
             Florida is cool!                     Practice
                                                                            6. Thanks! You agreed with me!

       Create your own conversation – You can use some of the words and extra ideas below.

                  Europe/ London                  Africa/ Cape Town                 Asia/ Thailand
               Watched a soccer game               Went on safari                  Went swimming
                  Ate fish and chips                Saw Elephants                   Ate spicy curry               9
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