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Aug 17
       T ravel      Your English

           Looking back on what you have studied, discuss the following items.

                  Conversation Strategies

           Now you can review all of the phrases and strategies you have studied this semester. Try to use
           of all them in your conversations.

                  Conversation Strategies

               Reactions (R)            Follow up Questions (FQ)  Checking Understanding (CU)
               Respond to good or bad news, show   A good follow up question helps your   If you don’t understand, or cannot find
               surprise or express interest. Study   group to explore more ideas and also it   the correct word during conversation
               these reactions and learn how to use   shows interest in the subject and speaker.   – you can ask your group or partner to
               them naturally.          Add a reaction and then an appropriate FQ.   explain or help.
               Okay       That’s cool/interesting.  Who...? Where...? When...?   When listening...  When speaking...
               I see                    What...? Which...? Why...?   Is that clear?  Sorry, I don’t understand
               Yeah       Oh no!        What...? How...? Do you...?   Do you understand?
               Right      That`s too bad!  Can you...? Have you...?           Can you explain?
                          Sounds terrible!                       How do you say (…)
               Really?                                           in English?
               Are you kidding?  Tell me more.
               Opinions            Reasons            Examples           Agree and Disagree
               Expressing and sharing your ideas   After hearing an opinion or   You can give examples to  If you think the same way use
               is important way to learn more   expressing your own idea –   support your opinions and   the agree strategy. Also, don’t
               and challenge yourself. When you   follow up and ask for a reason   reasons – and make your   be afraid to disagree! you will be
               want to ask for and give an   or give a reason to support   conversation more interesting   able to share more opinions.
               opinion use the phrases below.  your opinion.    and colourful.
               Asking for Opinions (AO)  Asking for Reasons (AR)  Asking for Examples (AE)  Agree (A)
       English  With your partner, brainstorm as many words and phrases about holiday destinations and the
                                                                         I agree!
               What do you think?
                                                      For example?
                                   Why (do you think so?)
                                   How come?
                                                      For Instance?
               What’s your opinion?
                                                                         Good point!
               What does everyone think?
                                   Can you tell me why?
                                                                         Disagree (D)
                                   Giving Reasons (GR)
               Giving Opinions (GO)
                                                      Giving Examples (GE)
           things you can do there. Then exchange these ideas with another group.
               In my opinion
                                   One reason is…
                                                      For example...For instance...
                                                                         I’m sorry but I disagree…
                                   Another reason is…
               Personally speaking, I think...
                                                                         Nice idea, but I disagree…
                                                      One (another) example is…
                                   It’s (mainly/partly) because…
                   Destination                                    Things to do there
                    New York                         Visit famous landmarks and go shopping.

           Talk about the following topics for 8 minutes per group. Make sure you use all the strategies
           above to make your discussion more interesting.

           1. Is it better to travel domestically or internationally?
           2. What are the benefits of travelling?
           3. Where would you like to go?

      8    4. Where have you visited?
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