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     Where should we go on holiday this year? Instead of visiting the same old usual des-
     tinations, wouldn’t it be interesting to go somewhere totally different and experience
     a completely different atmosphere and culture? How about the following three very
     distinct places? Would you like to pack your suitcase and visit them this summer?

     The devastating earthquake which destroyed most of the country five years ago
     really set back the economy in Haiti, however over recent years the tourist industry
     has started to recover.  The Caribbean island offers a wonderful arts scene, pristine
     beaches and a unique Creole culture.

     The Faroes
     This small  18-island archipelago which  is roughly  situated  between  Scotland  and
     Iceland offers its visitors a real back-to-nature experience. Tourists can see beautiful
     fjords, magical waterfalls and also the magnificent Northern Lights.

     If you have seen the new Mad Max movie then you might be surprised to know that
     the film was shot in the Namib Desert and the government hopes that this will
     encourage tourism from all over the world. Namibia has been a pioneer in animal
     conservation and the country has seen a boost in its wildlife population.


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