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Aug 18
       T ravel      Activities

            After reading the article please complete the following activities. Try using Kahoot and
            get a better score than your friends!


           Match the words to a similar meaning word and then read again to see how the word was
           used in the text. Some words may be difficult so ask your teacher and your classmates.

                        Distinct                      Clean and beautiful

                      Devastating                          Land chain

                        Pristine                              Unique

                     Archipelago                               Lead

                        Pioneer                             Disastrous

            Or try this activity instead, touch the ‘Students’ button and enter the pin code given by
            your teacher on your smartphone, tablet or PC. To learn more about how to use Kahoot,
            visit their website; .

       Steps      Fluency

           3-2-1. Speak about the topics below for 3 minutes, then 2 minutes and finally for 1 minute.

           The listener can give reactions only. Then change partners. Try to use the new words above.

           Topic 1 – A great place to spend the summer is…

           Topic 2 – I think some great summer activities are…
           Topic 3 – If I could go anywhere in the world this summer, it would be…

                  Your Own Time

           Search the Internet and find out about the best summer destinations 2017. Use your note-
           books and prepare enough to speak for at least 2 minutes. Take a look at the Innews Pinter-
           est site too. Here are some key words - type them into Google;

           Best destinations in (Europe)
           Most expensive holidays

           Most popular destinations for (Japanese) people

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