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       soulchristmas - the seven principles of kwanzaa

     2016 is nearly over and people all over the world are celebrating the year-
     end holidays in their own unique and traditional way. In other parts of the
     world they have their own traditions and festivals. This makes the holiday
     season a perfect time to learn about new cultures. Here are three different                                  Steps
     traditions from three very different cultures.

     Kwanzaa in the U.S
     Kwanzaa is a weeklong celebration for African-American culture. It was first
     celebrated in 1966 and is one of the fastest growing holidays. A Kwanzaa celebration
     includes lots of singing and drumming.

     Ta Chiu in Hong Kong

     People in Hong Kong pray to the gods asking that they will receive their wishes for
     the next year. Priests read the names of everybody at the celebration and put a list of
     names on a paper horse and then set it on fire. The smoke then carries the names up
     to the gods!

     In Argentina, Christmas takes place in the summertime and barbecues and fireworks
     are common. The family gathers on Christmas Eve for a big party that continues all
     night long. At midnight, gifts are exchanged. Children leave their shoes next to their

     beds to be filled with candies and small toys.


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