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     The month of February is famous for the celebration of love which takes place
     on the 14th day – St. Valentine’s Day. But who was St. Valentine? And how did
     this tradition of sending cards and gifts to one you love first come about?

     The details are a little sketchy but it is thought to be based on the life of St. Valentine
     – A priest who lived in Rome in the third century AD. The ruler at that time Emperor
     Claudius II had banned marriages saying that married men made bad soldiers.
     St.  Valentine objected to this decision and secretly arranged  and  married  couples
     against the wishes of the Roman Emperor.

     However, it did not turn out well for St. Valentine, he was eventually caught by the
     Roman military for breaking the law. He was imprisoned and sentenced to death.
     From his prison cell it is thought that he sent a love letter on February 14th to his own
     partner, knowing that he would never see her again…

     The traditions of sending love messages continue to this very day. So, how about you?
     Who will you be sending YOUR love letter to?!


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