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Special Events  Nov16 Your English

                Looking back on what you have studied, discuss the following items.

                Conversation Strategies

                Give examples to support your opinions - make your conversation more interesting and
                colourful. A good follow up question helps your group to explore more ideas and also it
                shows interest in the subject and speaker.

                Asking for Examples (AE)     Giving Examples (GR)                    Test your strategies
                                                                                     using your phone!

                          For example?              For example...                   Touch below to play!
                          For Instance?              For instance...
                Can you give me an example?  One/Another example is...

                                    Follow up Questions                              Students
                Who...? Where...? When...? What...? Which...? Why...?
                 What...? How...? Do you...? Can you...? Have you...?

English           Preparation

                With your partner brainstorm some words, ideas and phrases about ‘politics’. Think about in
                and outside of your country. Can you give any examples?



                Talk about the following topics for 8 minutes per group. Then change partners and try
                again with a new group. Make sure you use the strategies to ask for and give examples
                and don’t forget to use reactions and follow up questions to your partner(s).

                1. Are you interested in Politics and elections?

                2. What do you think about the US election and the candidates?

8               3. Is the US election different to your country’s system?
                4. Would you like to be a Politician/President?
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