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Jan 19                                                                                                    S.Events

       Nana B Agyei- Happy New Year

     New Year’s Eve
     In many places people stay up late to see the old year out and the New Year in.                              English
     Almost everywhere in the world church bells ring, car horns toot and whistles blow.
     London’s Trafalgar Square and New York City’s Times Square swarm with crowds of
     happy, noisy people.

     Chinese New Year
     Many Chinese children dress in new clothes to celebrate the Chinese New Year. People
     carry lanterns and join in a huge parade led by a silk dragon, the Chinese symbol of
     strength. In the Chinese calendar each of the 12 years is named after an animal.

     In Thailand, a special three–day water festival on April 13–15 marks Songkran, the
     Buddhists’ celebration of the New Year. Parades have huge statues of Buddha that
     spray water on people nearby. In small villages, young people throw water at each
     other for fun. People also release fish into rivers as an act of kindness.

     New Year History
     Ancient Greeks began their new year with the new moon after June 21. Before the time
     of Julius Caesar the Roman New Year started on March 1. In most European countries
     during the Middle Ages the New Year began on March 25, a special and religious day.


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