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S.Events  Jan 18 Strategies

            Practice time! Use the 3 questions below and focus on using the target language above.
            Check how many times you can correctly use the strategies.

            1. Which is better, New Year at home or on holiday?
            2. Which is more important, Christmas or New Year?
            3. Which is more traditional, Christmas in America or New Year in Japan?


           With your partner brainstorm some words, ideas and phrases about ‘New Year around the
           World’. Think about in and outside of your country. Can you give any examples?

                                                                                                 For example
                                                                                             Watching fireworks

                                                       New Year
                                                 around the World


           Talk about the following topics for 8 minutes per group. Make sure you use all of the
           strategies above that you have studied over the term.

           1. What is the best and worst thing about New Year?
           2. Where would you like to go for New Year?
           3. Should New Year be less traditional?

      8    4. Should New Year be only for the family and not friends?
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