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July 19                                                                                                   Special Events

       Rafael Vianna Croffi - Praia de pipa
     How long are your summer holidays? Are you already free from your

     studies or are you still in the classroom? Some schools make the most of                                     English
     the summer holidays and award their students with a long break over July
     and August, however some schools prefer to push their pupils hard and
     extend classes into the summer months.

     One school in the UK has decided to do just that and take a week off the students`
     summer break. Not only the students are up in arms about this but the teachers are
     angry about this decision too. The teachers said that they need the long holidays to
     recharge their batteries and complete training courses. In reaction to this negativity
     the school has offered the teachers and students a week`s holiday in October to

     What do you think? Would you like to study an extra week and be more prepared
     for future tests and challenges? Or would you rather enjoy yourself and have some

     summer fun?


    After reading the article write an appropriate headline above it.                                             5
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