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Special Events  July 19 Strategies

           Now combine all of the strategies to give an opinion, a reason and finally a clear example.


           With your partner brainstorm lots of ideas and places for summer vacation below. Then
       Steps  exchange these ideas with another group.

                                                                                              For example
                                                                                               Visiting the
                                                                                               French Alps

                                                  Summer Vacation


           Talk about the following topics for 8 minutes per group. Make sure you use all of the
           strategies above that you have studied over the term.

           1. What is the best way to spend the summer holidays? Why?
           2. Is a study trip abroad a good idea? Why/Why not?
           3. What would you like to do this year? Why?

      8    4. Do we need more holidays? Or do we have enough?
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