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June 17                                                                                                   Culture

       Dennis Wong - Welcome to Japan                                                                             Steps

     As the 2020 Tokyo Olympics draws nearer and nearer, Japan has been
     seeing a sharp increase in the amount of foreign tourists that are visiting
     the country.

     The two major airports that service the metropolitan area of Tokyo – Narita and
     Haneda - are handling the boom in tourism and furthermore aiming to improve the
     inbound customer experience.

     Narita International Airport has recently announced it will open a new visitor centre
     which aims to provide the tourists with a feel of the Japanese ‘omotenashi’ hospitality
     culture. “We want to create an area that will serve as the starting point of their trip to
     Japan for each and every visitor” said a Narita official.

     But what does that exactly mean? How can we define this tradition of ‘omotenashi’?
     Let’s discuss this today and try to give plenty of examples about this topic.


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