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June 17
       Culture      Your English

           Looking back on what you have studied, discuss the following items.

                  Discussion Strategies

           Thinking about Different Views - Everyone has a different view and opinion – try to consider
           this. Paraphrasing and Understanding Each Other - Make sure that everything is clear and easy
           to follow – repeat what you say in a different way.

                                                                                             Test your strategies!
                Paraphrase Comment (PC)                        Paraphrase (P)

                     Do you mean (…)?                             I mean…
                    Are you saying (…)?                    Yes/No, I am saying…
                                                                                             Touch below to play!

               Ask for a Different View (AC)            Give a Different View (GDV)
                    How about from (…)                    From (…) point of view…
                        point of view?                                                             Teacher


       Steps  With your partner, brainstorm as many words and phrases connected to the topic below.

           Then exchange these ideas with another group.

                                                                                                 For example
                                                                                                  Giving gifts

                                                        Types of


           Talk about the following topics for 8 minutes per group. Make sure you use all the phrases
           above to ask for and give examples to make your discussion more interesting.

           1. When have you received really good (and bad) customer service?
           2. How can companies provide good service?
           3. Which companies need to provide better service?

      8    4. What will tourists enjoy the most about Japan?
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