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June 19                                                                                                   Sport

       Yuri Levchenko - Bicycle Ride                                                                              English

    How did you get to school today? Did you walk, take a train or did you ride
    your bicycle? Well if you did cycle in, then you can celebrate because June
    is the month which promotes all things related to cycling – June 3rd is the
    United Nations World Bicycle Day.

    Bicycles are simple, affordable, healthy, convenient and fun to ride! They are an effi-
    cient way of commuting to work or school and eco-friendly. The Tokyo government
    has been trying to make life easier for cyclists and creating blue bicycle lanes which
    are safe for people to use. Have you seen them and do you use them?

    Of course there are downsides, it is hard in the summer as it is too hot. Now we are in
    a rainy season so you may need to wear waterproof clothing. It is important to wear a
    helmet too, safety is always the most essential thing.

    So how do you feel about cycling? Could you do it every day or is it a bit of a hassle?


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