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June 19

       Sport        Strategies

           Opinions - Expressing and sharing your ideas is important way to learn more and challenge
           yourself. Reasons - After hearing an opinion or expressing your own idea, ask for a reason or
           give a reason to support your opinion.

                    Asking for Opinions                       Giving Opinions                Test your strategies!

                    What do you think?                        In my opinion…
                   What’s your opinion?                Personally speaking, I think…
                                                                                             Touch below to play!
                     Asking for Reasons                        Giving Reasons
                  Why (do you think so?)                 One (another) reason is…
                         How come?                          It’s mainly because…                   Teacher

            Practice time! Use the 3 questions below and focus on using the target language above.
            Check how many times you can correctly use the strategies.

            1. Which is better, walking or cycling?
            2. Which is healthier, taking the train or cycling?
            3. Our school should give us a free bicycle…I agree/disagree…

        Steps    Preparation

           With your partner, think of the ways to travel around Tokyo, brainstorm as many ideas as

           possible. Then exchange these ideas with another group.

                                                                                                 For example
                                                                                              Walking! You can
                                                                                                see everything

                                                     Ways to travel
                                                     around Tokyo


           Talk about the following topics for 8 minutes per group. Make sure you use all the phrases
           above to ask and give your opinion.

           1. What is the best way to get around Tokyo? Is cycling possible?
           2. Are cool bikes popular with young people?
           3. What are the good and bad points of using a train?

      8    4. How will we travel around Tokyo in the future?
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