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May 19                                                                                                    Japan

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    Are you a social media user? How often do you use these online platforms?
    For many teenagers, using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is an important
    part of their daily lives – it is a place to share ideas, thoughts and opinions.

    However, a school in Japan has reportedly tried to monitor its students’ social media
    use and it has demanded that all students report their social media IDs and handles
    to the teachers. Not only does the school want to check on what their students are
    posting, but it also can observe what the students did in the past on social media.

    There has been plenty of objection to this school ruling with people claiming that this
    doesn’t respect students’ right to privacy. The school will have its reasons for wanting
    to keep an eye on the students and their behaviour on social media. But what do you
    think? Is this a good idea that the school is trying to protect the students by watching
    their social media? Or should the students be free to use any online platform as they
    wish, they may even use it for educational purposes…


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