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     As the seasons and years go by we observe the gradual effects of climate
     change.  Sometimes  catastrophic,  the  changing  weather  patterns are
     thought to be to blame for the increase in the intensity of the typhoons
     that hit Japan annually.

     The effects of climate change do indeed surprise us and to everyone’s recent
     disbelief Japan saw a second wave of hanami (cherry blossom viewing) in late
     October this year.

     Over 350 cases of cherry blossoms blooming were recorded from Kyushu all the way

     to Hokkaido. Many experts were dumbfounded and suggested that the reason for this
     out of season surprise was probably climate change. Experts further explained that
     the two powerful typhoons that hit Japan in the autumn were a factor in this early
     blooming. Some even said that this will affect next year’s hanami.

     So, does the weather surprise you? What changes have you seen recently and do you
     like it?


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