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Nature  Nov 18 Strategies

           Give examples to support your opinions - make your conversation more interesting and
           colourful. A good follow up question helps your group to explore more ideas and also it
           shows interest in the subject and speaker.

                                                                                             Test your strategies!
                 Asking for Examples (AE)                   Giving Examples (GE)

                       For example...?                  For example... For instance...
                       For Instance...?                 One (another) example is ...         Touch below to play!

                                      Follow up Questions (FQ)
                       Who...? Where...? When...? What...? Which...? Why...?
                        What...? How...? Do you...? Can you...? Have you...?                       Teacher

            Practice time! Use the 3 questions below and focus on using the target language above.
            Check how many times you can correctly use the strategies.

            1. How do people enjoy hanami? For example?
            2. Which is better? Hanami in the spring or autumn?
            3. How is the weather in your country? For instance?


           With your partner brainstorm positive and negative things about surprising weather below.

                                                                                                  For example
                                                                                                Warmer winters

                                                 Surprising Weather


           Talk about the following topics for 8 minutes per group. Make sure you use all the phrases
           above to ask and give examples. Don’t forget to ask follow up questions.

           1. Are we losing our four seasons?
           2. Is climate change real?
           3. Have you been surprised by the weather recently?

      8    4. Describe your favourite and least favourite type of weather…
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