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Oct 18                                                                                                    Education

      Filip Pticek - Teacher meme                                                                                 English

     All over and around the world teachers are being appreciated and celebrated on
     their special ‘Teachers Day’. In the US this day falls on October 5th and students
     all over the country will thank their tutors, mentors and educators for their
     dedication, commitment and hard work.

     Our school and university days are said to be the best of our lives. Not only do

     we make many lifelong friends and create memorable experiences - we begin to
     choose and find our path forward in life. Our teachers help us to make the right
     decisions in life and even though it might seem they are being too strict with us
     sometimes, they might need a little ‘thank you’ once a year!

     Who is your favourite teacher and why? Find out when ‘Teachers’ Day’ is in your
     country and give your favourite teacher just a little appreciation…it will make

     their day!


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