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Oct 18                                                                                                    Nature

       NOAA Satellites - GOES-16 Sees Hurricanes Katia, Irma and José                                             Steps

     The eastern coastal areas of the US have endured a terrifying hurricane
     season with the latest storm ‘Florence’ tearing through the eastern board
     and causing billions of dollars of damage.

     Florence battered vast areas of North and South Carolina, leaving thousands of
     families stranded in flooded neighbourhoods. Unbelievably, millions of liters of rain
     fell during the storm and reports said that most areas were at least half a meter under
     water. President Trump has said that he would support these areas - many people will

     wait to see if he does a good job...

     Scientists and experts from all over the world say that consecutive violent and huge
     storms are a result of the warming of the world’s oceans and atmosphere and they
     want their governments to do more to not only combat climate change but protect
     themselves from future hurricane seasons.

     What do you think about these very strong hurricanes and typhoons that we
     experience every year after the summer - let’s discuss this today.


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