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Sept 18                                                                                                   Nature

       coniferconifer - heat haze
     The summer holidays have come to an end and for most of us who stayed

     here it Japan, it was a scorching hot one. How did you cope with the                                         Steps
     heatwave? Today let’s discuss the long hot summer and how the climate
     seems to be changing rapidly as the years go by.

     Japan experienced record high temperatures and in Kumagaya  City in
     Saitama prefecture the hottest day ever was recorded – the heat soared
     to an unbearable 41.1 degrees. Hundreds of other locations spanning the

     country set individual temperature records. To combat this extreme
     situation, the Government offered to install air-conditioning in some schools
     and also advised people not to go outside and to stay at home if possible.

     The weather year by year appears to be changing and quite rapidly too. For
     the future we may have to reconsider our lifestyles and work/study balance.
     So how did you manage this summer? Was the heat hard work for you or
     did you enjoy somewhere cooler?


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