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     Spring is upon us and it is during this season that the Christian festival of Easter is                      Steps

     celebrated. Easter is an event in which Christians all over the world celebrate the
     resurrection (or coming back to life) of Jesus Christ. People go to church to attend
     services and ceremonies. It is a festival which has been held and practiced for
     centuries but there are some other unique and modern traditions that are associated
     with this special and holy time for Christians.

     What do you imagine when you hear the word Easter? Do you think of the religious festival or do
     images of chocolate eggs and Easter bunnies spring to mind?!

     It is reported that Easter chocolate eggs were first given as gifts in the 19th century in France and
     Germany - but in fact, eggs have been exchanged during the spring time amongst many different
     cultures and religions for thousands of years. It is thought that they symbolize a new year, a fresh
     start and a new life.

     The legend of the Easter bunny is thought to originate from Germany as far back as the 17th
     century. Just the same as Santa Claus, the Easter bunny decided if children should receive a coloured
     and decorated gift egg before the Easter holidays - and if they had been good, the bunny delivered
     them to the lucky children.


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